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Nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2022 in the category 'Best roots music album in Portuguese', Iara Rennó is a high voltage body. It goes from acoustic to electronic, from experimental to song, in an intense and diverse musical production that cannot be reduced to a single style or a single voice. It is in plurality that Iara asserts her uniqueness. Creates and presents multilingual projects covering poetry, music, video art; literature, theater, dance. It deals with female sexual power and reverence for the cultures of native peoples by expressing decolonial and aphrodiaspora art.


Born into a family of artists - the Espíndola family - Iara began singing alongside her mother, Alzira E, and was vocalist in the band of the great master Itamar Assumpção for three years. Artist of perennial expansion, she is a singer, instrumentalist, producer, performer, actress, poet, producer and music director. A prolific composer, she has more than 100 songs recorded by great names in Brazilian music such as Elza Soares, Ney Matogrosso, Gaby Amarantos, Jaloo, Ava Rocha, Virgínia Rodrigues and Lia de Itamaracá. He worked in collaboration with international artists such as Quantic, Anita Tijoux, Project Compass, among others.


In 2021, his first film “Transflorestar – Ato I” was released at the 19th International Literary Festival in Paraty. A hybrid work with direction, script and acting by Iara Rennó, editing and video art by Mary Gatis, art direction by Alma Negrot and guest appearances by Curumin and Ed Trombone, Transflorestar reviews the world through the forest while promoting dialogues between music, poetry, visual arts and body, proposing the subversion of anthropo-phallo-Eurocentrism and the supremacy of Cartesian thought over feeling. In partnerships with Thalma de Freitas, Ava Rocha, Tetê Espíndola and Alzira E., but also in the inspiration sought in the reports of Davi Kopenawa and in the speeches of Ailton Krenak, in fragments of texts by Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and in the echoes of Makunaimã in Macunaíma , the film incorporates the possibility of a “(M)otherworld”, legacy of the Burkinabe philosopher Sobonfu Somé, and Lélia Gonzalez's perspective on “Améfrica”. Everything takes place in a dreamlike universe inhabited by Xapiri and Orisá, in which the roots of Yãkõana and Iroko are found under the Atlantic Ocean.  

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