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ARCO : Produced by Iara Rennó (guitar and vocals) and with a band formed together with Mariá Portugal (drums, vocals and programming) and Maria Beraldo Bastos (clarone and vocals), the album features original and unpublished songs, with partners such as Alice Ruiz, Alzira E, as well as a song composed on fragments of texts by Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. With a sound texture quite different from that of its opposite-complementary double, FLECHA, ARCO is a women's record, about liberation and autonomy, without having a pamphleteer character. Graphic design by Rodrigo Sommer.


ARROW :  The album arises from the musical re-encounter with Curumin, and their partnership in production. Along with Lucas Martins (bass and synths), Gustavo Cabelo (guitar), Maurício Badé (percussion), Maurício Fleury (guitar and synths), Cuca Ferreira (baritone sax), Daniel Gralha (trumpet) and Douglas Antunes (trombone), Iara (vocals and guitar) and Curumim (drums and programming) also acted as musicians and arrangers. In the repertoire songs with Gustavo Galo, Paulo Leminski, Domenico Lancellotti and Bruno di Lullo, among others. With the very special participation of Ava Rocha and Mãeana. Graphic design by Rodrigo Sommer.


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