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Iara's first children's project, Iaiá e os Erês comes from songs made for children and in partnership with them. The album has the musical production of Iara Rennó and Lucas Martins, the participation of several musicians and features unreleased songs, including partnerships with children of artists such as Ava Rocha, Anelis Assumpção and Curumin, Moreno Veloso, Nina Becker and Marcelo Callado. The cover art / booklet was by MZK. The songs on the album also compose the soundtrack of the program Pratinho da Iaiá (Tv Rá Tim Bum/ Tv Cultura), where Iara acts as the presenter/persona, Iaiá.

CD Iaiá and the Erês

R$39.90 Regular Price
R$27.93Sale Price
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